Fellowship of the

FOTC is our High School Youth Group. Youth come from several area High Schools. Typically we meet Sunday Evenings 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Our activities follow the church’s mission statement of Love, Grow and Serve.



Fellowship Activities
These activities are designed for the youth to get to know each other better and have a good time. God wants us to enjoy one another’s company and be in fellowship and that’s what we do on these evenings. Some activities include Bowling, Rock Climbing, A White Elephant Christmas Party, Super Bowl Party and a Progressive Dinner.


Small Groups
On certain nights after the talk or message the group will break into small group study time. During this time more people have the chance to share their thoughts on the message and to answer follow up questions. These times provide opportunity to get to know other members of the group and talk about what is happening in their life.

Montreat and Presbyterian Youth Triennium are week long events that the Presbyterian church holds where high school youth from across the country gather to take a deeper look at their faith. These events often become life changing experiences for our youth.


Go and Serve Mission Trip
Each year our youth and their adult leaders go on a summer mission trip. These trips cover a wide variety of missions from serving in soup kitchens, to teaching Bible School to both inner city and rural children, to helping rebuild homes in areas where disaster has struck. The youth experience following Jesus by loving others and becoming the feet, hands, mouth, eyes and ears of Jesus. These trips conclude the program year and are a real highlight of our youth ministry.